What we do

Natural Skincare Formulations is a collaboration between cosmetic formulators Rebecca Wright and Ee Ting Ng. They offer both off the shelf formulations and private consultancy aimed at the natural and organic market.

  • Product Formulation

    Body Care

  • Advice on an existing formula

    General formula check (paper)
    Labelling advice

  • Detailed advice on specific ingredient types


  • Regulatory Advice

    EU legislation
    General Compliance

Who we are

Ee Ting Ng

Ee Ting is a qualified and experienced cosmetic scientist and molecular biologist. She also owns her own business.

Fascinated by all things related to cosmetics, she has extensive knowledge and expertise on formulating a wide variety of beauty products.

She has a particular passion for formulating for sensitive skins and has an extraordinary eye for market trends.

Please contact Ee Ting via her email ng.eeting@gmail.com

Rebecca Wright

Rebecca is a highly experienced cosmetic formulator. She has a keen interest in natural skin care products mainly because they are on the whole more sustainable and also a challenge to get right.

With an exceptional gift for ingredients, she specially loves duping then ‘organifying’ conventional products on the market, making them suitable for the organic market.

Rebecca has her own natural skincare brand, MBotanicals.  She also has a natural skincare formulation website called Botanical Formulations where she blogs regularly about all things related to formulating skincare products.

Please contact Rebecca via her email rebecca@botanicalformulations.com

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